An All-In-On Sales Force Automation

Sales Manager is a cloud based field sales force management software, which provides real-time employee location tracking, performance analytics, attendance and time-sheet, route, retail visit schedule and real-time reporting

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Are you having challenges managing and tracking your field sales activities?

Manage your field sales staff remotely and get real-time report. Easily Track your field sales force activities from a single dashboard. Sales Manager provides you seamless access to an affordable, time-efficient way to manage your field salesmen and sales off-site activities.


Manage your field sales reps from a single dashboard. Instant communication and team collaboration.


Sales force activity and location tracking.Geo tagged time stamped sales based order and point of sales tracking.

Optimize for Business

Get reports of field sales activities in real time. Grow your business revenue and get the best out of your field activities.

Track Performance and fill the revenue leaks.

Field Sales Manager App helps managers and senior management to track the performance of their field or remote staff in real-time and fill the revenue leaks.

Seamlessly Manage Your Sales Force

Sales Manager allows you manage your field sales activities and operation seamlessly. 24/7 access to field sales operations, improve sales performances and make informed business decisions.

Track Your Sales Force in Real-time

Track your field sales force in real time with geo location based tracking and productivity reports. Know what your sales reps are doing anytime and anywhere. You get a 360° view of all field sales activities from your back office.

Get Automated Report

Get report in real time. The reports and activities summary are also available in a downloadable format on the dashboard. Get automated report as scheduled. Gain access real-time reporting on field sales operations. Gain insights for making business decisions. Collect, analyze and leverage the data for actionable insights.

Why Choose Our Field Sales Software Solution

Transform your sales and supply chain with sales manager’s data driven intelligence.

Mobile Data Capturing

SEliminate all paper works. Manage data generated offline by your field staff. Send documents, photos and electronic signatures to prove a delivery or completed task. Use online chat to accelerate data exchange between the fields and back office.

Inventory Audit and Management

Sales Manager can audit opening and closing stock at distributor and retail outlets. Sales Manager can assign stock to salesmen from the back-office.

Route and Journey Planner

Schedule all the tasks/jobs like delivery, visits, follow-ups, delivery, etc. in advance for your team. With beat plan, Sales manager also guide your team with an optimized route, which will save their time and your money.

Real time Point of Sales Tracking

In-app messaging and notification fully integrated. Sales manager can quickly chat up field sales reps

Instant Messaging and Notification

In-app messaging and notification fully integrated. Sales manager can quickly chat up field sales reps.

Business Intelligence & Analyticss

Quick access to analyze sales data, competitor data and customer voice for your decision making.

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